For the Love of Lipstick {InternationalWomensDay}


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Oh for the love of Lipstick.

In most cases I wear it for the love of fashion, creativity, or just to feel good—because as I’ve said, lipstick makes everything better.

But this time is different.

I wear my most vibrant and deepest shade—because this time Lipstick becomes a symbol of empowerment.

This time it is to remember the intense rush of what it is to be a Woman.

And to be a Woman is to be…



and Powerful.

And you know what?

This particular shade always fades fast, but not before it first bleeds into my lips.

And when empowerment bleeds into a woman’s lips every word and breath that passes through those lips is charged with an inner strength and confidence that commands  your attention.

And that right there is the kind of stuff that can and will change this world.