I sat in my office surveying the endless piles demanding my attention. A glance to the calendar showed me nonstop activities all month. Feeling overwhelmed, I turned back to my computer to catch up on never-ending emails. Immediately, I felt a holy nudge.

“In a minute, Lord,” I said.
I paused in my spirit. How many times have I put the Lord off for one more email, one more phone call, or one more task? I knew the truth. The load of my day tends to guide me more than the One who created the day. I grieved knowing there were many moments I ignored His request to draw near.
I pushed away from my computer knowing the pile of endless tasks would be waiting for me in the morning. Jesus longed for my undivided attention. I dropped to my knees and entered into a time of worship with my Lord. I felt my heart align with His as He ministered to me and restored me.
Twenty minutes later I opened my eyes. My office looked the same. The in box was full and the undertaking massive. Yet, I was changed. Personal renewal filled my heart by simply bending a knee and drawing near to Him.
He longs to be close to you today. Will you draw near? Will you?
Reflective Scripture
Come near to God and He will come near to you. James 4:8
Soaking Music
Drink of You by Laura Rhinehart