She was a dream killer.

At the first sound of one giving voice to an impractical dream she drew her weapon of doubt and lunged toward the dreamer with sharp words to pierce.
Logic and reason crafted the careless words that slipped easily from her lips, “It will never work,” she said.
The dreamer paused and locked his gaze on the dream killer. With tenacious confidence he replied, “Yes it will.” The bright eyes of the dreamer never faded. Not even once. She tried to kill the dream-
But the dream lived.
Shocked the dreamer was not discouraged by skepticism the dream killer pulled out her next weapon. Watching the dreamer’s movements she waited for the mark of failure. Pulling back the arrow of “I told you so”, she waited for the precise moment to release the blow.
But the arrow never left the bow. The dreamer worked with focused attention pursuing his dream. The weapons of the dream killer never fazed him, nor slowed his progress. All things were in place for the dream to take flight and in time his dream soon became a reality.
The impossible became possible.
The dreamer exuberantly celebrated what he always knew could be. The lies of the dream killer bared no weight compared to the dream that lived within him. His eyes danced with joy as he looked the dream killer right in the eye and spoke the last word,
I told you so.
The power of belief in those words sent the dream killer to her grave—forever.
Have you ever dared to dream?
it’s what I live for.
Have you ever attempted to kill one?
yes…last week.
This post is a true story of that account.
Which role will you choose?
Here or somewherebe real. Share your journey.