How does one stop time? How does one slow the process of the children growing ‘too fast’?

You grew again, didn’t you?

Why must you? Will you stop please?
“No Mommy. I want to grow up to be a teenager.”
Will you still snuggle with me when you are a teenager?
“When I am five I will snuggle with you, but not when I am ten.”

How can I keep ten from coming? And yet still give the blonde boy freedom to fly? There must be a way.

There is.

I know the secret.

Stay present.

I’ve spent years staying in my calendar, my ministry, my agenda…looking ahead, planning, prepping…
and   l o s i n g   m o m e n t s.

The moments when the first boy tells me about his day—away from me—as I blind myself to the screaming screen blaring back at me.

The moments when my husband—the one I’ve promised, pledged and vowed to love, cherish, and honor—shares good news of a bonus, a sale, an increased commission…But the laundry was too high and too loud to hear—anything.
The moments when the blonde boy tells me great and tall tales of his adventures that never really happened—because they never really happened.

I am learning to stop time.

I must stop time.

I must stay present.

While the snuggle is still available–before he turns ten.


How will you stop time today?

Here or somewhere…be real. Share your journey. 

Music to Stop Time…

A Moment Lost by David Nevue