I attended a writer’s conference—and didn’t write.

I couldn’t. The words—the “right” words just never came. I fought hard to find the words…but I never did. It would seem that I gave up. But it was more like I gave in.

See it wasn’t about what I could do for Him. It was about what He wanted to give to me.

I tried to work for Him—but He didn’t want me to. I couldn’t earn what He wanted to give. The challenge was to receive from Him. When did the simple act of receiving become a challenge? Strange, I know. But I am learning to lean into Him. Not just when I need or want something, but because He needs and wants me.

This blog is my journey—a bit messy, and today, unedited. I thank you for your grace.

I invite you to listen to the music clip below. Not with your ears, but with your soul.

In the words of my dear friend:

“May the words of this song pour over you like oil.”

Let it pour.

Will you give in to the challenge and just receive from Him?

The More I Seek You by Kari Jobe
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