The following postcomes out of my practice journal—a plain notebook that pleads to be true to thejourney of life—messy, flawed, and raw. The writing prompt came withinstruction: write the first thoughts that come to mind for two full minutes onthe topic of Home. The pen must be in constant movement. No stops or pauses. Asmuch as I would like to edit and polish it up for this post—I leave itimperfect—much like my journey…lk 


What is home? Acceptance. Where I am loved for who I am and not what I do.

Home. Always inviting. Always welcoming. Welcoming me—all of me. Where is home? It changesfrom season to season. And even moment to moment. Home. Where the space in mysoul is overwhelmed with contentment, peace, and fulfillment.

Oh, how I long for home.

Every moment. Every moment is a choice to come home where mysoul meets with Him. My God. He is myhome.

He is my home.


Now it’s your turn.

In the commentsection write what home is to you…and watch what happens. Not what the lettersform on the screen, but the movement in your heart.

Here or somewhere…bereal. Share your journey.

Relevant Music

Home by David Nevue