The door flung wide open. A little boy ushered by his teacher walked into the school office. Floods of tears accompanied his uncontrollable sobs as his chest heaved to catch his breath.

His face red and wet from crying he took his seat on the edge of the bench. He was condemned to time-out. My heart broke as I watched his tears stream down his face.

There he sat his head sinking lower and lower as the minutes ticked by. His 5-year old shoulders hunched over in attempts to weep in private.
His offense?
He didn’t obey.
He wasn’t responsible.
He couldn’t focus.
My heart broke for him. I desperately wanted to go to him. Not to lecture, but instead validate life is hard, but there is grace. I sat from a far holding him with my eyes as he cried it all out…
All the frustrations,
the pressure,
the expectations,
the fears,
the disappointment,

…and the shame.

I knew just how he felt.
Really, it might as well been me. Sitting there on that bench with my shoulders hunched in crying it all out. Even today I too have been at fault for disobedience, irresponsibility and the inability to focus.
But must he— or I —cry alone?
Who will come alongside this boy in life to validate his heart and tell him of the great grace there is for him? Who will accept him even in his lack?
Who will accept me even in my lack?
If you see me on the bench crying and my head hung low in shame for the wrong I’ve done or presently doing—please…
Please don’t let me cry alone.
Don’t leave me there on the lonely bench to sink deeper into shame.
Come to me. Hold me. Wipe my tears with grace. And sing to me of the One who loves me in spite of what I do—or don’t do.
And friend, I will do the same for you.
On the journey withyou,


~What are you dealing with today that you need to just “cry” it out?

~Do you have someone safe who will accept you no matter what?
~How deeply connected are you to an authentic community?

Thank you for sharing your journey.

Relevant Worship

How He Love by Kim Walker-Smith (Jesus Culture)


2 Corinthians 12:9
“My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”