I will not pretend.
The inkwell is dangerously close to being dried up.
How do I write when the ink is no more?
How does the pen flow with words to affect hope and healingwhen there is nothing to give?
I will not pretend.
If I believe this is writer’s block…
Then this—all this—isonly about words on a screen.
It is more than that.
It’s about my soul journey.
I will not pretend.
I am the one empty…not the inkwell.
And yet, He knows this.
And I know He cares—deeply for me.
So what is He waiting for?
Why not fill me now, Lord?
I will not pretend.
I struggle with this.
I really do.
On the journey with you,
How about you?
How do you fill the well of your soul when you feel depleted and empty?
Here or somewhere…be real.
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