Just a girl in pigtails—I longed to be loved.

His eyes locked on mine—my heart pounding in my chest. Iwanted to look away—but I couldn’t. I wouldn’t. There was something I needed tosee—something I needed to feel.

Hold My gaze

I looked deeply and saw the lenses of His eyes change. Icould see His heart looking back at me. I looked away unable to bare theintensity any longer. His love was too deep too, too powerful for a girl inpigtails.

The next morning He came near again. The music of His heartswirled in the air between us. Standing before me I heard Him whisper.

Hold My gaze

Tears came in floods. I was just a girl in pigtails. Howdare I look into His eyes—let alone hold His gaze?

He said nothing. Placed His hands on my scrawny shouldersand waited. His touch brought a surge of warmth within me. There was somethingHe needed me to see—something He wanted me to feel.

Courage met deep longing and I looked up and held His gaze.Within a moment the intensity of His gaze became like laser beams into my soul.His eyes said one thing—

I love you

The truth of His love penetrated me instantly as deeppowerful waves rushed through every part of me.

His laser beam eyes wrote Beloved Daughter across myidentity.
I was secure. I was loved.

It was something I needed to see—something I needed to feel.

I saw it in His eyes, and felt it in my soul.

His arms opened wide and I fell into Him. Clinging to Him asa girl in pigtails would do. Love embraced me. Love consumed me.

Wrapped in my Father’s embrace I knew who I was. I knewwhere I belonged—

In my Father’s gaze.

Every moment of every day we have a choice–whose gaze will youhold today?
On the journey with you,

Here or somewhere…be real.
Share your journey.
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The Lord God will takegreat delight in you, He willquiet you with his love, He will rejoice over you with singing. Zephaniah 3:17 NIV