Laura (far left) Nikki (second in from right)

Laura (far left) Nikki (second in from right)

A forgotten image of the past filled up my computer screen. Memories began to fill and swirl in my mind…

I remember that summer. The junior high church youth camp at the beach. The tents pitched on the sand, big movie screen under the dark night sky, and the ocean’s waves humming a melodic lullaby. I remember the special friends, the youth leaders, the silly boys. I remember the girl I once was—shy, awkward, and insecure. I remember her.

This photo—this unexpected memory stirs movement in my soul. I look more at the others than I do myself. Yet, I catch myself stealing a glance at her—the girl I once was. It’s almost not fair that I can look back at her, but she—

She could never look forward to me.

She has no idea who she will become.

Or the path she will have to travel to become this woman staring at a screen looking at her—remembering.

I steal another glance to look into her eyes…

I look away, knowing there is a secret I am keeping from her.

The secret of what is to come.

I don’t want to tell her.

She doesn’t know what’s about to

Hit her—

Break her—

Crush her heart into a thousand pieces.

It will frighten her to hear of the pain she will endure from a broken heart…a broken home.

She doesn’t know.

In just one year’s time her life will change forever.

She doesn’t know—



And Rejection will consume her—for years.

She doesn’t know.

But she also doesn’t know

The impact of a friend’s* invitation to a church group would plant the seeds of faith that would eventually heal her.

She doesn’t know.

She must know.

In it all He is with her.

Because even right then, on the sands of that beach with prayers and Bible scriptures memorized…she has yet to know the fullness of His—



And Acceptance

This she must know

That the pain she will endure is never void of His presence.

She must know

He brings purpose to the pain

She must know

There is hope

She must know

She HAS to walk through it to be all He destined her to be.

She must know

She survives. She lives. She heals.

She really does.

On the journey with you,


{*This blog is dedicated to my friend Nikki who planted those seeds of faith in junior high}

~If you could speak to your younger self what would you say?

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Reflective Scripture
“For I know the plans I have for you. Plans to prosper you and NOT to harm you.” Jeremiah 29:11

NOTHING will separate me from the love of God. Nothing. Romans 8:39

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