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Yes, the church is filled with hypocrites. I know because I am one of them. I say what is right, but don’t walk it out 100%, sometimes not even 10%.

Do I go to church to pretend, to hide, to blame, to point?


Mostly I go for the clean slate, the redemption, the promise and the renewal of my soul.

I go to church because of my hypocrisy. If I didn’t go for that reason alone it would convey I could actually do this life with all the battles, struggles and trials on my own strength, and logic.

I know I can’t.

That door—that sacred door of the sanctuary has a magnetic force to draw me near in spite of my hypocritical state.Image

That door…

That sacred door bids me to come into the sanctuary. Even in spite of me, the door never closes in judgment or condemnation. It stays wide open, welcoming and inviting me to enter.

And enter I do.

I sit, stand, kneel, sing, praise, listen—not because of how good I am, but how good He is.

How gracious He is to welcome me—a spiritual fraud most of the time—to love me, forgive me, cleanse me and give me hope.

He knows. He always knows. He always gives grace. He always forgives. He always renews.


And when I return again with a heavy heart and broken spirit for not living the perfect 100% I strive for…

He will be the Door of the sanctuary that flings open wide on the hinges of grace and beckons me in.

On the journey with you,


~What keeps you from going to church?

~What if you found out everyone struggles with stuff and with image. Would it change your outlook?

~Why do you go to church?

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