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 I like that he was a quiet man.

First Boy sat thoughtfully as the words ever so slowly left his lips. He himself was quiet as he reflected on his grandfather.

For fifteen years my father-in-law shared a beautiful love with my mother-in-law and many grandchildren claimed him as their very own “Yaya”. Eventually, his body grew tired and on March 25th he breathed in his first breath of heaven.

My son’s simple reflection caused me to ponder as I wrote a brief personal tribute to how my father-in-law’s quietness impacted my life.

Below is what I shared at his memorial service on Tuesday.


My father-in-law was a quiet man. During family gatherings the house would swirl with constant chatter and activity, but I would always spy him sitting silently, content and at peace with his own thoughts.

He was a man who intrigued me. There was something about his calm spirit that stirred my own heart.

My most meaningful memories were the quiet ones. It was in these times God used my father-in-law to demonstrate the Lord’s goodness to me.

When Werner reached out to hold his wife’s hand—

I felt the Hope of the Lord.

When he took care of his bride—

I felt the tender Love of the Lord.

When he spent time with my boys—

I felt the Delight of the Lord.

When I looked into Werner’s eyes—

I felt the Acceptance of the Lord.

And when I stood by his hospital bed holding his hand—

I felt the Peace of the Lord.

In these moments as quiet as they were with my father-in-law, the Lord’s presence thundered deeply into my soul.

Without a doubt I know my life is better and richer because of him.

The passage of Psalm 23 concludes with:

And he will dwell in the house of the Lord.

Today my heart overflows with great JOY to know Werner—in this very moment—is dwelling in the house of the LORD.


Thank you for reading.

Relevant Worship

Blessed Assurance by Alan Jackson

Reflective Scripture {In honor of my father-in-law the below scripture is in German}

Psalm 23 Luther Bibel 1545

1(Ein Psalm Davids.)

Der HERR ist mein Hirte; mir wird nichts mangeln.

2Er weidetmich auf grüner Aue und führetmich zum frischen Wasser.

3Er erquicket meine Seele; er führetmich auf rechter Straße um seines Namens willen.

4Und ob ich schon wanderte im finstern Tal, fürchte ich kein Unglück; denn du bist bei mir, dein Stecken und dein Stab tröstenmich.

5Du bereitest vor mir einen Tisch im Angesicht meiner Feinde. Du salbest mein Haupt mit Öl und schenkest mir voll ein.

6Gutes und Barmherzigkeit werden mir folgen mein Leben lang, und ich werde bleiben im Hause des HERRN immerdar.