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I’m tired…

Beat, bushed, haggard, worn, weary and burnt-out, worn-out, dog-tired, washed-out, spent, ragged, fatigued, exhausted and drained.

I need to rest…

Nap, sleep, relax, take a breather, slow down, decompress and unwind.

Right now an overworked thesaurus is the best I can do.

My weariness goes beyond the lack of words you see on this screen. The signs of fatigue are through out my home—my life.

Laundry smelling,

Dishes dirty,

Stomachs hungry,

Fridge empty,

Trash overflowing,

Body aching

Patience short,

Tension thick,

Obedience lacking,

Relationships suffering,

Tears falling—because this is the best I can do.

The voice of a friend, the one who writes and paints from the soul and endearingly refers to me as Ragamuffin and Velveteen Rabbit comes to the front of my memory.

“How will you love yourself today–everyday?”

Her challenging words catch up with me in this very moment as I tap on the keys to this post.

Why does it even matter if I love me?

But I remember what she said.

How can I love, show compassion, tend to anyone else’s needs if I am not loving, giving myself compassion and tending to my own needs.

How can I ever expect to pour into my husband, children, friends or even—you, if I do not take the time to pour into me?

So, how will I love myself today?

I’m hitting “publish” on this post closing my laptop to curl up on this very couch to crash, hole up, hibernate, slumber, catch some Zzzz’s. Sleep.

Because I. AM. TIRED.  and so is my overworked thesaurus.

On the journey with you,


Take time to love you today.

Reflective Scripture

Love your neighbor as yourself. Mark 12:31

Relevant Worship {Resting Music}

Atmosphere of Heaven by Grace Williams