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Sometimes you just have to laugh.

Like when someone from the congregation asks to take multiple photos of your hair to show her stylist–

Minutes. After. You. Gave. A. Eulogy. For. Your. Father.

Or when a well meaning church member expresses birthday wishes complete with squeals and beams a big bright smile as they ask if you’ve had a G.R.E.A.T. summer–

Two. Weeks. After. Your. Dad. Died.

You just have to laugh.

And sometimes…there is healing in the laughter.

Not too long ago I sat with First Boy on a quiet Sunday afternoon. And as much as I enjoyed the restful peace of simply reading together…I knew it was time to allow laughter to minister to grief. And First Boy would help me. Side by side we watched this 6:45 minute clip from The Skit Guys…and nearly busted at the seams.

And in the side-splitting, seam-busting laughter–I heard the sounds of healing echo throughout the room and in my heart. Laughter ministered to this grief-stricken soul and hope washed over me.

We wanted to share it with you.

Hold on tight for giggles to come up and through you. But don’t hold on too tight where you find yourself holding back. Never hold back. And if you have an older child near by…bring them close. A child’s spirit always ushers in the God-given joy.

So wherever you are on your soul journey…

It’s time to laugh.

Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.

Luke 6:21b NIV

The Skit Guys: Little Billy Zacchaeus (click on link or thumbnail)






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