Push Pause is a tiny snippet posted every Tuesday. It is an invitation for you to push pause on the tasks at hand and intentionally take a moment to reflect on your soul journey.



Finding Themes

Push Pause: Make a list. But please, whatever you do, do not make a To Do List. Who needs more of those? This prompt is not motivation for you to become productive. This is an intentional moment to give space for God to bring revelation to your soul. Write down what’s been swirling around in your head for the last few hours, days or even weeks. Read through what you wrote and ask Holy Spirit to reveal a common theme. P.S. there could be more than one theme.

My Push Pause: First I noticed my list consisted of the very things I was avoiding. A second look revealed a common subject: My Dad. And lastly God revealed the obvious: Grief has paralyzed me.

Okay, so now what? Do I transform this list into my To Do List? Maybe. Do I give myself grace in the speed of finishing those tasks? Absolutely. But, honestly, all this goes so much deeper that just that.

So. Much. Deeper.

God has given me a targeted strategy for my communion with Him. It becomes even stronger when I take my list and seek scriptures based on the theme. And once I do that I then have God-breathed truths of His identity and promises to pray as I commune with Him. If I don’t…than my list really is just empty revelation. This is the kind of soul work where revelation becomes transformation.

I’m in—are you?

{And just so you know, I actually haven’t done this part. Only because God just now revealed it to me—seconds before I post this to my blog. I’m doing this in real time with you!}

Bonus: (my original not-so-deep ending)

Here’s what else I got from this prompt:

  1. My thoughts need a place to “land”—they need a home. And sometimes a spiral notebook or a scratch piece of paper is the best place to give a home to my lost thoughts.
  2. When I did give my thoughts a place to live. I felt relieved. I didn’t need to take care of them or even entertain them any longer. They were home and I could visit them when I was ready.
  3. Giving space for God to reveal through list making was another step in becoming connected to Him and to the well being of my current journey.

What did your list reveal? I would love to hear from you.

Let’s meet again on Thursday to go deeper in the journey…together. ~L