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I’ll be honest. Sometimes I forget why I write. And in those moments (like this morning) I need to revisit previous blog posts to remind myself what this is all about. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to remember. I write to heal. I write for me. I write for you. I write to draw us both close to God. Today’s post is from several months ago, but I hope something in it resonates with your soul today. I know it did in mine.

It’s time you knew the truth about me.

This life I live, this journey I walk to love God with my whole heart, sometimes I want to believe it is a love song for Him—a melody of praise.

But quite honestly, life is hard. And when I stop to listen in to my own hymn, the one I sing with this life I live…

…struggling and wrestling to surrender…

My song of praise sounds more like a

Vulnerable, Messy, Broken Hallelujah.

As hard as I may try my song never rises to the right key. The tune is flat and broken—just like me.

And yet—He still adores me.

He. Really. Does.


Yes, He adores you too.

You and I, we are the same. I can feel it. My journey is no different from yours—a life full of struggle, joy, pain and victory colliding together in what feels like a terrible mess one moment and complete bliss the next.

And yet all this, the bliss and the mess coexist for one purpose.

~To draw close to the heart of God~

Will you come with me?

Will you dare to join me in seeking God in the most holy of moments?

The moments when the fight is exhausting, but the doubts and fears seem far too great to give up, to give in—to Him—the One who holds us tenderly even as we kick, scream and pound our sweaty fists into His chest.

These are the holy moments—when Grace is willing to take the beating.



And then it happens.

We collapse into His arms exhausted from the fight. Burying our eyes into the very chest we just beat on. Tears break loose and fists open to cling to Him—vowing to never let go.

Grace holds tenderly, yet tightly.



Come with me and together we will search out the treasures of today among the forgotten hopes of yesterday. There is beauty to be found in the ashes of our lives. We need only look to Him. He has shown me before…I know He has shown you too.

There is more.

There. Is. Always. More.

This is it. The journey at it’s sweetest. A gracious God adoring us with His perfect melody in spite of our vulnerable, messy and broken Hallelujah.

Let’s Journey Together,


Relevant Worship

Hallelujah by Jake Hamilton http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IiJj1cCvlv0