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Push Pause is a tiny snippet posted every Tuesday. It is an invitation for you to push pause on the tasks at hand and intentionally take a moment to reflect on your soul journey.


Ears Wide Open

Blonde Boy gasped at the discovery of the enormous seashell. His small hands carefully lifted it to his ears to hear the secrets of the shell. His eyes widened at the sounds rushing through his five-year old ear. “Momma, I hear the Holy Spirit!” His response took me by surprise. I didn’t even know what to say. He turned his face toward me and I saw the delight of a boy who truly heard a piece of heaven.

Push Pause: Take a moment to ask God to increase your ears for hearing Him. God wants to be heard, but not to condemn you or remind you how off the mark you still are. No. He wants to share His ever abundant love with you. He longs to serenade you with grace. He specially designed you (yes, YOU) to hear Him. It may not be in audible words. And that’s okay. Sometimes it may be the wind rustling through the tree leaves, or a sweet song that resonates in your soul–and yes, sometimes even in the rushing air of a seashell.

Are you listening with your ears wide open?

Let’s meet again on Thursday to go deeper in the journey…together. ~L