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Push Pause is a tiny snippet posted every Tuesday. It is an invitation for you to push pause on the tasks at hand and intentionally take a moment to reflect on your soul journey.


Say Thanks

As I drove my boys to soccer practice we listened to the theatrical audio production of the Chronicles of Narnia. In a scene from Prince Caspian, the High King Peter was wounded in battle. His younger brother, King Edmund, rushed to tend to his brother. Assessing the situation Edmund asked a gentleman near him to hand him a cloth of sorts to make a sling so his brother may continue to fight in the battle. And well, Edmund was given the cloth…and he said thank you.

That’s it. That’s the part that got me. He said thank you.

Right there in the middle of a war as metal crashed against metal and lives were at stake, this young king thanks the gentleman for simply passing a scrap of cloth to him. This seemingly insignificant part of the story stopped me in my tracks and made me think—

When was the last time I said Thank You?

If a young boy can have gratitude in the midst of a war all around him, well, surely I can let my heart overflow with gratitude even in the midst of soccer schedules, homeschooling, piles of laundry, endless demands, and grieving my father.

So, right here—right now I want to thank a few.

I’ll start with you—yes, YOU.

Thank you for coming with your whole heart to read my vulnerable, messy, broken hallelujah. Gratitude overwhelms me to know you are on the other side of this screen making the journey with me. You challenge me to stay true to my purpose; to be vulnerable as I wrestle and surrender to Jesus. I love this strange, yet sacred space where we can journey together. Thank you for the rich joy YOU bring to me.

Also I want to thank speaker and writer, Vonda Skelton of The Christian Writer’s Den blog. She is the author of four books and her articles frequently appear in magazines such as HomeLife, ParentLife, Christian Single, and Focus on the Family publications. She is a popular instructor at writer’s conferences and enjoys mentoring and encouraging new writers through her blog. And from those credits alone I can am greatly humbled she would nominate my blog for the Reader’s Appreciation Award. Thank you Vonda, not just for this, but for the way you bless me by engaging in the comment section of my blog always encouraging me in my journey and sharing your heart. I am always blessed by you.

And with that, I thank two more bloggers, as well as nominate for the Reader Appreciation Award

Sherry Meneley of Soiled Wings at http://sherrymeneley.com/ is not only a tremendous writer, but is a tour guide for the creative wholehearted life. She brings writing, life and art all together in one beautiful stroke. Sherry’s insights and real life honesty is addicting. Her words have left me in tears as God Himself as tugged, stirred and pulled on my soul strings to resonate His deep truths within me. She is one of the most Jesus-y people I’ve ever known, which propels me to be like Him even more. She gives virtual hugs, loves with her whole heart, and believes taking risks for Jesus is hard–but so worth it. My journey has been greatly impacted by the words and art of Sherry Meneley. She has flown off the screen and landed in my heart. I am blessed to call her friend. For the last 2 ½ years I have made her blog my Friday morning ritual—I think you should too.

Heather Kopp of Sober Boots is an author and blogger who writes about the intersection of addiction and faith. She is gut wrenching honest about her journey from secret Christian alcoholic to one in recovery and covered with grace. Heather gives hope to many in recovery, and even those who relapse. And although my story has zero to do with alcohol or addictions, somehow I am drawn in by her words. She brings hope to those who struggle, but she also helped this girl NOT to start the struggle. It was Heather whom the Lord brought to mind when a sad day in June led me to find something—anything to numb the pain of my grieving heart. It may not be much of a success story if I never took a drink, but it’s because of Heather’s own story that I stayed true to mine. I am reminded of the power of testimony in those God-breathed words of Revelation 12:11:

“And they overcame the enemy because of the blood of the Lamb AND because of the word of their testimony” Revelation 12:11 (emphasis mine)

Heather, your testimony brings healing to many. Thank you.

Today, push pause and find someone to say Thank you. It will make their day—and yours too.

Let’s meet again on Thursday to go deeper in the journey…together. ~L

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