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You’re tired.

Mailbox stuffed with glossy smiles, social media banters and street corner signs demanding attention. You were born and raised an American and you should care about today. But you don’t. You just don’t have it in you to care. Not right now. Not today. You know you should, but you don’t.

It’s just too much. All of it.

And it’s okay not to care.

Photo by Angela de la Agua

The election does not take precedence over the matters of your heart.

You’re hurting.

You’re in pain.

You’re feeling hopeless.

And there is nothing your vote or mine can do about your aching heart. Nothing.

Today it will all be over. The election will be put to rest, the signs pulled out of the dirt and social media will resume with posts of kid accomplishments, stupid cartoons, and the meal your neighbor just made. But your hurt, your pain, your ache…it will still be with you long after ballots have been counted and the Commander in Chief appointed.

I get it. I know you don’t care because your life, your world is falling apart. You just don’t have it in you to care about anything past your own life right now. And it’s okay. It really is. I get it. I get that the tiny places to check off and waiting in long lines to cast your vote makes your head spin. It’s all just too much.

For the one who just watched their father die,

Whose mother discovered a lump,

Whose child was abducted five months ago,

Or the adoption just fell through.

For the one whose daughter is being examined from a rape,

Who just received bad news from the doctor,

Who wants to shoot to kill,

Or whose son started drinking—again.

For the one who sits in the abortion clinic,

Whose physical pain outweighs the remedies,

Whose kids scream endlessly from illness,

Or whose wife just asked for a divorce.

For the one who is pregnant, but it’s not your husband’s,

Who’s considering mixing those pills,

Throwing up your last binge,

Or sleeping with anyone to just feel a human touch.


It’s okay to not care about the election. It really is.

I know you’re hurting. And I care. I care about you. You matter.

Today I cast my vote for you.

For your life.

For Peace.

For Hope to enter your soul and your circumstances.

I carry your heart from this blog world to the throne of the One who loves you, regardless if you show up at the polls today. He will carry you through this season. He really will. I know you don’t feel it. I know you don’t feel Him. But He is there—He is here with you. Right now.

You are not alone in this. He is with you always.

{Always, dear one. Always.}


On the journey with you, ~L


Are you hurting today?

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Here or somewhere…be real. Share your journey.

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