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Push Pause is a tiny snippet posted every Tuesday. It is an invitation for you to push pause on the tasks at hand and intentionally take a moment to reflect on your soul journey.


Unlock Healing

 There are places in your soul that have yet to be touched by Him.

You know they exist, but choose to ignore them. You mask, medicate and busy yourself with tasks so you don’t have to feel. Dear One, if you don’t risk feeling—you’ll never heal.

I know it hurts to face those dark places, believe me, I know. I’m on this journey with you.

It’s time.

Time to unlock those places you’ve avoided…and feel it all.

Feel the pain. The sadness. The anger. The fear. The loss. All of it.

But, friend, whatever you do, don’t go there alone. Never go to those places alone.

Invite Him. Welcome the Holy One. He waits on your word. He is waiting for you.

Unlock the door to deeper healing. You hold the key. You always have. Turn the knob. Push open the door.

And you will find

He is there. He always has been.

Waiting to touch, to heal, and revive you.


On the journey with you,

Let’s meet again on Thursday to go deeper in the journey…together. ~L


Here or somewhere…be real. Share your journey.