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“Mommy will you play with me?”

He found me tapping wildly at the keys and staring into the only light source in my room.

“I can’t play sweetie, I’m trying to write a blog.”

Honestly, I am always trying to write a blog, but out of all my zillion starts the last couple weeks, there is not even one complete. Nope, not even one.

Blonde Boy persists. He wants to have a tea party. We’ve been studying the American Revolution this year, and well—there’s a tea party involved.

“Nobody wants to play with me,” he says to me. I look at him in the dim light of the computer and I remember he is not like his brother (or me) who crave solitude.

“Why don’t you sit with me and help me with my blog.”

I confess my invitation was in the hopes to appease his need for company and still get my task done. He jumps up on the bed and comes near as I stare hopelessly at a screen of jumbled words. I’m determined to finish what I started.

“How about I read to you what I’ve written so far. Then you tell me what you think.”

This would not be first time I’ve asked for his input on my work. Yes, he is but 6 ½ years old, but I love to show him what I’ve created with paint on canvas. He is the one who will thoughtfully look at it (really look at it) and tell me how beautiful it is. But he is also the one brave enough to tell me it’s missing something. He then ever so sweetly dares to tell me exactly what my work of art needs…hearts, flowers, maybe a fairy. The crazy thing is—he is usually right.

He settles in next to me and now both of us are staring into the hypnotic bright light.

“But mom, I’m not good with words.” I’m catching on this is not his idea of “playing.”

“Well, do you like stories? It’s like I’m reading a story to you.” I know he will never say no to a story.

He agrees and the two of us stare at the bright screen as I read the words I’ve been working on for too long.

“Wait. Stop there. Go back to that white space.”

I scroll back up to the white space (too many hits on the return button) and he asks me to read the lines again.

“Show me love. Show me grace. Show me forgiveness.”

I can tell his mind is swirling, thinking. I know from experience “something is missing”.

“Something is missing,” he says.

I knew it.

“Write this down,” he instructs.

I take his prompt, as well as his corrections to my punctuation and he thinks hard as he speaks the revelation that floods his little mind.

“I like it,” I tell him. And I really do.

He recites it out loud one last time before he adds just one more line at the end. “Perfect!” he exclaims. He is proud…and so am I.

He jumps off the bed and carries the tea tray and sets it down. “Can we have tea now?” Yes son, yes we can.

Pour yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy Blonde Boy’s first blog.


Blonde Boy’s Blog

Show me love.

Show me grace.

Show me forgiveness.

Show me Jesus

Show me a light.

Show me forgiveness.

Show me amazement.

Show me everything.

Show me nice.


Blonde Boy’s Play List {yes, these are really his favorites}

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Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture

10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman

Feel Again by OneRepublic