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New Zealand

New Zealand

There was a phone call, a plane flight, and a reunion.

Sitting across from each other we laughed and talked the hours away. So much had happened in three years. Then came the moment his words became serious and even mysterious. He reached into his pocket to answer my silent suspicions.

The reflection of the firelight flickered on the gold band he held between his fingers. It had been his mother’s. The moment was right out of a movie script. This was my chance to be center stage and play the part I’ve always dreamed—Loved.

The look on his face was priceless, as was mine. Something told me not to accept and hold out for something more. I had no words for him—no words his heart hoped to hear. Sorrow came upon his face. And the gold band hastily put away.

The drive to the airport was quiet. The pending good-bye scene loomed over us. I thought about my friend. He had taken a risk–a huge one at that. He traveled across the globe to declare a pledge of love with hopes of bringing me to his homeland.

I too had taken a risk. I said no. What if he was the one? What if I just let the last good one get away? What if there isn’t something more? What if God breaks His promise?

What if?

As these thoughts entered my mind they left just as quickly. An unexplainable peace consumed all my what-if’s. Something, Someone told me it was going to be okay. I hoped and prayed my friend would feel the same.

That day he flew home alone to Christchurch, New Zealand. And I stayed home in California—and waited for God to be faithful to His promise. As each day passed a beautiful quietness swept over my heart. I felt the Lord’s delight in me because I honored His plea to hold out for something more.

Just a few short weeks later I bumped into an exuberant, blue-eyed German—at church. He had rosy cheeks, an injured knee and he seemed to enjoy his own jokes—and well, so did I.

He was different from other guys—and nothing at all like me. And strangely, I was okay with it. I’m not sure at what point I noticed. But his eyes would twinkle when he talked to me. It was as if the Lord spotlighted this twinkle to catch my attention and say—he is your something more.

That was 1994, and 19 years later I can look back and see that, exuberant, blue-eyed German added more to my life. He has challenged me through my fears and believed in me when I didn’t. Without him I would still be a timid woman longing to make a difference in the world, yet never daring to. I am loved, yes, and I am changed.

Who knew one man would have such an impact on my life? God knew. He knew something more would be just around the corner.

{December 2012}

{December 2012}

What is the something more God has promised you?

Here or somewhere…be real. Share your journey. ~Laura