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Hands.brave blog.jpg I am honored to be a guest blogger for Lesley Glenn at Live Brave, Not Broken. Will you join me…let’s Live Brave together.


His brilliant blue eyes locked onto mine.

I stood beside him as he lay quietly on the bed. I took his hand and held it gently. He spoke no words. These silent, yet tender moments were sweet and oh-so-holy. As I bent down to kiss him, the pendant on my necklace dropped down and bumped his face. He didn’t flinch— his gaze still upon me.

I stood back up. And without thinking—I undid the clasp, removed my necklace and set it on the glass shelf beside the bed.

I had worn that necklace everyday for six months. The word Fearless etched on the metal round pendant. The Lord gave me the name Fearless that year. Every morning I clasped the silver chain around my neck as a symbol of my identity in the Lord.

I am courageous. I am fearless. I am brave.

But I didn’t want to be fearless in this moment. I didn’t want to be anything brave or courageous. I just wanted to be a daughter to her dying daddy.

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