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Sometimes I need a break from the screens in my life and the glaring demands it holds on me. Sometimes I need to find ways to escape my blog writing and allow new peace and rest to fill me. And sometimes I need to simply slow down and use my hands in a new way.

Today I spent most of my day creating cards and writing letters to my friends. And I used real ink on real paper. And in some cards I didn’t add any words at all. Not mine anyway. Just His. Because sometimes all you need is a reminder of who you are.

So maybe this weekend would be the perfect time for you to go old school. Yes, I know it takes time. And it’s hard to remember where the envelopes and postage stamps are stashed. But really, this labor of love will be oh-so-good for your soul, and for the one receiving it.

So, go pull open that junk drawer. Find a pen. Write a note. Make a card. Maybe even call them. Wow. I know, I know… this is revolutionary stuff–not to mention time-consuming.

But believe me…it’ll be worth it.

Enjoy your Labor {of Love} Weekend!