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Sharpie Tattoo-I am trusting {HIM}

 What if everything you did to help yourself was in direct opposition to how God wanted heal you? Today I’m writing about pain, brokenness, healing and trust for Live Brave, Not Broken. I hope you will join me over there (it’s only a click away) and share your own journey.

{Holy} Heart Alignment

Pain surged throughout my body as I lay flat on my back. The damage done to my car a few days earlier was finding its way into my body with a vengeance. It hurt to move. It hurt to walk. It hurt to sleep. It hurt to breathe. And here I was on a not-so-soft-table hoping for relief through the expert hands of my chiropractor.

His grip around my neck was firm, yet gentle. With confidence he thrust my head to one side in which a pop sound echoed in my ears. My head was then carefully lay back down on the table. I took in a deep breath. He wasn’t done—there was more work to do.

He then lifted my head and torso to lean in towards him. It was not only painful, but vulnerable to be away from the security of the strong table just inches below me. And somewhere in the midst of my pain—panic took over…and I tried to help my healer.

I used my energy, my strength, my ability to hold myself up and move into where I was meant to be. My “help” was not welcome from the healer, in which he encouraged me by saying,…

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