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I see you. You stop by week after week and read my words. The words I’ve written about my own soul journey. Thank you. I like that you come by and spend a bit of your precious time giving ear to my heart. And I’ll be honest, I write for me first. For my own sanity and healing process. But I also write for you.

And I know I’m doing my job well if you stop reading my journey–and begin to think about your own. Then again–it’s not my job, is it? It’s Holy Spirit’s job. It’s His passion to ignite the hearts of others and cause them to lean into Him.

And maybe that’s what this {writing} is all about. To lean into Him–because in the writing process comes healing. And He–the Holy One–is always there. Giving new insight, bringing a blanket of comfort, and a balm to heal the heart.

But what about you? You read what I write. You read my journey of healing and walking out this Healed Hallelujah. But what about you? Where do you write your mess, to heal your heart?

I hope you have a safe place: a journal, a blog, even random bits of loose papers to give you a place to write your heart out. We all need to bleed a little pain onto paper, and when we do, He is faithful to pour fresh oil into our souls. I hope you have that place–just for you.

But if you don’t have that place, or you sense the need for something more. I hope you will consider attending one of my writing workshops.

My friend Melanie attended one recently, and shares these thoughts with me and you: promo.workshop.quote.jpg

Writing the Mess, Healing the Heart opened an area of my heart that I did not know needed healing. All I knew was that there was pain and I could not figure out how to access it. The prompts that are given in this process connect your soul with your senses and lead your spirit to explore healing and freedom. God gave me divine revelation as I wrote, shared, cried, laughed, created and courageously pressed in to Him. I found freedom through this Spirit led process. I am so grateful.

If you are local to Rancho Cucamonga, CA I would love for you to join me at my upcoming writing workshop on Friday, October 11th from 7:00-9:30PM.

This month I’m introducing Let’s write the journey together–bring a friend and split the cost. And since it is a wee bit shorter than my Saturday morning workshops the price is even better.


But writing the journey together is not just about saving dollars. It’s about community. It’s about vulnerability. It’s about sharing real life and receiving love and grace in a safe and intimate setting.

Click here to view the details of a typical workshop. I hope it is a heart fit for you and a friend. And if you wish to register for this Friday’s workshop click here.

I do hope you’ll come. If not this time, maybe next time. But here or somewhere…write your journey. Because it’s in the writing that healing comes.

And if this resonates within you, but you are not local, or maybe your Friday night is already booked…then consider hosting a private group. I would consider it a great honor to come alongside you in your journey for a few hours and lead you and other women to write the mess, for God to heal your heart.

*At this time the workshops are for women only. So, if you are one of my men readers, please pass this on to the women in your life. Thank you.

I’ll see you here again on Thursday for my regular post. Until then…Grace to you on the journey. ~Laura