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Sharpie Tattoo-Vulnerable

What if your focus was no longer about your healing journey, but only about helping others heal? What would become of you? Today I’m writing about vulnerability, pretending and healing for Live Brave, Not Broken. I hope you will join me over there (it’s only a click away) and share your own journey.

The {Gift} of Vulnerability

“Hey, Laura can I talk to you for a minute outside?”

I followed my leader out into the brisk night air. I figured he wanted to go over a few details before the recovery/healing group started. We came every week to help others find freedom and healing from sexual and relational brokenness. This leader was also my pastor and friend. And in many way he was like a big brother to me; protecting me, teaching me, guiding me.

He turned to face me, standing tall in both presence and stature,

“I’ve made a call into the ministry headquarters.”


“We talked about you.”

His tone made me nervous. I was beginning to think this wasn’t going to be a good talk.

“Laura, here’s the deal. Even as a leader you are expected to be vulnerable with your group—and you’re not.”

Blood rose to my face, and tears got caught in my throat. Oh dear God—I’m being reprimanded. The rest of his words came out something like a band-aid being pulled off in one painful rip,

“Look, the ministry has guidelines—I can’t let you lead this group if you yourself are not showing vulnerability. If you don’t take immediate steps to be vulnerable I have to pull you from leadership.”

Pull me from leadership? Are you kidding me? I was…

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