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Today’s blog post is inspired by a spontaneous interview I did with Blonde Boy for Live Brave, Not Broken. What comes out of my writing process was directly inspired by his profound answers about living brave. You won’t want to miss this–it will re-frame your journey. I know it did for me. I hope you will join us over there (it’s only a click away) and share your thoughts.


{Fly} Like a Bird

It’s not every day when one is face to face with a superhero. So when one walked into my family room I jumped at the chance to interview him. After all, who better to know the brave life than an actual Superhero?

And before you start to doubt—yes, Superheroes are for real.

My point is proven simply by the fact this masked man (boy) came and rescued me from a blank screen in which words were supposed to fill for this very post. Superheroes are not only brave—they have impeccable timing.

You can listen to the interview with Brave Boy by clicking on the YouTube below. Or you can read it over at Live Brave. If I were you…I would listen. It’s definitely worth the 2-ish minutes it will take out of your day. Stick around after you’ve watched it. I have some heart thoughts to share with you. I hope you will share yours.

So, what did you think? What stirred in your heart? I’ll tell you what stirred in my heart. Click here to read how God re-framed my journey from this interview.

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