Apparently, today is World Cancer Day. I never knew such a day existed–sadly, it does. I can’t ever hear the word cancer the same again–since it so rudely robbed my dad his life in 2012. Today I’m re-posting a blog I wrote last year. Not to honor Cancer–but to honor those who’ve survived, the ones who battle, and for those lost a loved one to this deadly disease.
There. Is. Hope.

Laura Krämer Ministries

For two weekends in a row I was invited to speak at Luminaria Ceremonies for those whose loved ones lost the battle to cancer. And to be perfectly honest, I’ve never hoped for such an invitation. Nor do I hope it will become my niche. It is what it is for this season. And hopefully, this post will not be viewed as ungratefulness, but rather the honest truth that no one–no one wants to relive the loss of a loved one to cancer or otherwise. But as much as these were by far the most personally challenging speaking events for me, I went for God and for Dad…with the hope that light and life will pour into those whose hearts ache…

You can watch it here (El Monte, CA) or read below what I shared on those nights.

Hello. My name is Laura Krämer. I am a wife, mother, friend…

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