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Photo Credit © Corbis

Photo Credit © Corbis

Crayons swirled across a page, brightly colored Play-Doh squished between fingers, puddles of paint brushed over a canvas, black ink marked up smooth skin…

Sounds like child’s play, doesn’t it?—but it wasn’t.

It was a women’s retreat.

These beautiful women of Baseline Community Church in Claremont, CA invited me to speak at their annual weekend retreat. But as with most things—I brought a little more texture to the weekend. I came equipped with Play-Doh, paint, a black Sharpie, and a lot of red envelopes.

These women didn’t know about the crayons, paint, or even the Sharpie tattoos that would eventually show up across their arms that weekend, but wow—these women blew me away. Their willingness to show up and engage fully wherever God led was inspiring. Sometimes they turned Play-Doh over in their hands, other times it was raising a banner, singing out, lighting a candle, crying, or writing with their whole heart. 

Every time I look through the photos from that weekend my tummy gets butterflies reflecting on how God moved in and through them. And the butterflies flutter faster when I think how God entrusted me to lead them. I am honored—truly honored.

Oh, and those red envelopes I mentioned earlier—they were filled with Love Notes from God. The women received several throughout the weekend. I loved that I not only had the honor of speaking into them, leading a few writing prompts, and writing identity across their arms…but I also had the honor of writing His heart for them. I can’t express how powerful it is to listen in and feel God’s heart for another. It’s a beautiful thing.

Today I felt Him welling up another Love Note for these beautiful women—and to you. So here it comes—wrapped up in a red envelope signed and sealed by God.

I hope and pray some part of it will speak to your heart today. ~Laura



There you are.

Oh sweet Beloved. Let Me look at you. You are beautiful. You really are. I love who you are becoming.

Beloved, I see you.

And I love what I see.

I see you the way you were intended to be seen. I see you with Heaven’s eyes—perfect and blemish free. Dear One, hold tight to this truth—I see you complete and whole. I see you free and lovely. I see you restored and redeemed.

And I delight in you—yes, you.

My delight in you overwhelms My heart with such an exponential love that I must pour it back on you. You are my finest idea. Believe it—it’s true. You bring Me joy just by being who I created you to be. Don’t strive to be something or someone else. Just breathe and be you.

Because I am for you—I really am.

It’s true Beloved. I am for you. I created you with purpose and destined you for greatness. There are hopes and dreams I have personally deposited into your heart. The very things you are passionate about come from Me. Move forward in your passions Beloved, because when you do, not only do your dreams come true–My dreams come true.

I am with you.

You are not alone. You do know that, right? You and I–we are in this together. You are never without My presence. Through every season, around every bend in the path, every valley and every peak—I am with you. I choose to be fully present with you on your journey. I am your personal guide showing you sights you need to see and leading you to treasures you need to keep.

Beloved, I know your name.

Not the name your parents gave you—the one I spoke to you in your mother’s womb. As I knit you together, weaving destiny, giftings, and My royal bloodline—I called out your name and your soul blinked awake. Your eyes locked with Mine and I knew right then nothing would ever separate us. Lean in and hear Me whisper your name. You’ll hear My whisper just as you fall into a deep sleep and in the dawn as you wrestle to wake. Allow Me to secure you in your name—and true identity.

Beloved, I love you.

Have I told you that today? I do—I really love you. My heart is full because of you.

I am yours and you are Mine.

Always and forever.


Click here or on below image to view the Sharpie Tattoos of the women of Baseline Community Church

Click on image to view 3 minute video from Baseline women's retreat.

Click on image to view 3 minute video from Baseline women’s retreat.