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Photo Credit © Ocean/Corbis

Photo Credit © Ocean/Corbis

What God is saying to me (and maybe you) right now…



I see you struggling to find your place in this world—your world.

Come close to Me. Closer still. Dear one, your place is here with Me. Lean in close enough to feel My heart beat.

My heart beats—for you.

I am here and I am for you—I really am. Trust.

Beloved, I hear you straining to find your voice—and be heard.

I hear you—I really do.

I hear more than the words that flow out of your mouth. I hear all things unspoken. I hear both strength and struggle with security. I hear the uncertainty of what is to come. I hear the pain that cries out in your soul. I hear the hopes you’ve stored up in your heart. I hear you Beloved. I hear you with My whole heart.

I know your reluctance in going deeper.

You have journeyed well, but sweet child of Mine, there is more. The journey is not yet over. I know you. I know the pain and loss you’ve endured. I know your wrestle with this season of refining. Beloved, have you forgotten so quickly? Refining is a place of intimacy with Me. It’s time to lift your eyes from what you might lose—and press in to what you will gain.

I promise you this—

I will meet all your needs,

I will guide you,

And I will never leave you to journey this life alone. Not without Me—or a loving community.

You can take My word for it.


Reflective Scripture:  Philippians 4:19 ~ Isaiah 58:11 ~ Deuteronomy 31:6

Relevant Worship: The More I Seek You, Bethel Music


What is God saying to you today?

With you on the journey,