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“The PIT you are in becomes a WELL as the Holy Spirit fills up your life with the truth and presence of God.” -Graham Cooke

Photo by Laura Krämer

Photo by Laura Kramer


I know you’re tired from the journey. I see the hopelessness in your eyes. I feel the weight of your weariness in your heart.

I need you to hold on–hold on to Me.

Hold on to the hope I have for you. Hold on to the promises I’ve made to you.

Hold on.

I need you to trust Me–I do have a plan.

Beloved, I do have a purpose to your pain. You will not suffer in vain. You may see the pit of where you stand right now, but it is only a launching place to where I will take you.

Trust Me, Beloved.

I need you to worship Me–in full surrender.

Dear one, never underestimate the power of praising Me. Worship is the place where heaven meets earth and My glory is released–in you and over you.

Worship Me.

It is in the holding, trusting, and worshiping I will release My hope, peace and joy.

Lean in closer, Beloved.

I am here–always.


Worship for your soul… Forever by Kari Jobe