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3 years?

oh dear god, it’s been 3 years. 

Three years ago today I watched my dear Dad take his last breath. I haven’t been the same since. There are moments he feels ever present to me and other moments he feels so far away. But in every moment my heart aches for him. I long to feel his arm pull me into his side for a hug, to feel his kiss on my forehead and hear him say, I love you LA. Not to long ago when this daughter ached for her daddy, my dear sister wrote these words to me. Today I hold on to these words. Words that fill my heart with comfort and life. Maybe these words will do the same for you.

Photo by Laura Krämer

Photo by Laura Krämer

Dear Sister,

Dad is with you always. He is with you this very moment. He has never left you. He is a part of you. His love is always with you.

Honor the life and love you shared together on this earth by giving back as much life and love you possibly can to everyone around you. When you miss him, his love and kisses and hugs, give someone else your love and kisses and hugs. Bring forth the joy from your relationship with Dad in every moment of every day. This relationship you two experienced was a true blessing. A gift. Honor this gift by embracing light and love that is with us every moment of every day. It will bring him joy to witness your joy everyday.

May his love always come through you in all of the words you write and speak, and your interactions with others. He loves you and doesn’t want to see you in grief anymore. Release the pain and embrace the love. You are surrounded by love. You are supported in this journey.

I love you.



Thank you dear sister. You shine love and light into my heart and soul.