~How I Heal

Healing is a process. Along the way I have encountered many tools to further my healing and live life in freedom. I have and still use many of these resources.
*These are personal to me. Your journey may look different–and that’s ok. (some of these have links to lead you to more info)



Therapy~ A professional counselor who sits in an objective place to help and guide in doing the hard work of healing.

Write~ Whether alone or in a safe group, honest and vulnerable writing is important to fully process. Intentional time for emotions of a tender heart and swirling mind to unfold as pen bleeds on paper.

Community~ People to walk the journey with you. Hand in Hand. Side by side. Willing to carry your heart when need be. Safe people. Life-giving people. Grace-giving people.

Art~ Therapeutic art. Not to create a masterpiece, but to transform into the masterpiece you’ve always been–in full color.

Solitude~ specific time set aside away from the normal rountine and sounds of life to refresh and renew one’s spirit.

Attacking Anxiety & Depression~ Midwest Center for Stress specializes in retraining and renewing the mind from obsessive thinking, dark thoughts, negative self thoughts, and other anxiety and depression issues.

Soaking~ Simply “being” while soaking in the goodness of  soul stirring music selections.



4 thoughts on “~How I Heal”

  1. Sofia Simpson said:

    Laura truly fights for healing, the kind that stays. Her testimony and friendship have worked together to make an impact on my life, the kind you don’t find often. Her words are inspirational, her life a testimonial, and her heart for women, unmistakable. Listen and be amazed, read and be encouraged. Let her introduce to you a life worthy of healing and peace.

  2. Christriessewhard said:

    Hi Laura,
    I have enjoyed the beautiful person you are and what you express to us. It has really touched me at the surprising times I have received your mailings… thank you.
    Please know that I only ask you this because I am not very intuitive; are you seriously ill or are your blogs and poems referring to others that are? I wear your bracelet often.
    Please keep in touch. I have a friend who is leading a prayer group here in this suburb of Chicago and she has read Bill Johnson’s books from the Bethel Church.
    Another gal in our group went to his church with her husband and all I can tell you that she is a transformed person. Actually, they went for him!

    Please know that I have prayed for you!
    In love as a sister,

    • Oh Chris…YOU are a beautiful person. I sense you care deeply for others. Simply that you would reach out to me, a perfect stranger, out of concern for my own well being shows your heart is big.

      I must admit I truly laughed (in good spirit) at your question, “Am I seriously ill?” I wanted to shout out–“No, just terribly broken!” 🙂

      In all seriousness, all my posts are regarding my own personal journey. Even on this page “How I Heal” you can get a glimpse of the brokenness I have encountered. So my journey here is writing of those sacred moments where God’s grace encounters my brokenness. My hope is for others, like yourself, not only read about my journey, but truly get lost in thinking about their own. In all these writings my heart’s desire is for others to draw near to the heart of God.

      And it warms my heart to know you wear The Psalm 23 Bracelet. Thank you for sharing that with me.

      If you have any other thoughts or questions please reply here with your email. I will be sure your address is not “seen” in the public. Would love to hear more of your journey.

      Thanks for connecting Chris. ~L

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