~The Story

One Sunday morning in 2003, my pastor, Fraser Venter, challenged each person at my home church to daily reflect on Psalm 23 throughout the month long sermon series.

I took his challenge seriously, but soon became discouraged I could not reflect on it without it being literally in front of me. A growing desire welled up in me to keep God’s Word in my heart. I wanted to memorize Psalm 23.

During this time I was also in the process of creating new designs for my jewelry line. Soon enough God caused those two thoughts to come together as one idea, and The Original Psalm 23 Bracelet© was created. Each colored crystal on the bracelet prompts a verse in the passage.

I am touched when I hear of the heartfelt stories of those who wear our bracelet. Psalm 23 is such a comfort to the many in various seasons of life. But any grief the stories may start out with never end without the testimony of God’s hope, faith and love in their lives. We have been blessed to hear the hearts of many over these last several years.

Because of the growth of our business, ministry and family the assembly of our jewelry is delicately handled today by a local staff in the Inland Empire of Southern California. A fine group of developmentally disabled adults from Diversified Industries a division of OPARC take the greatest pride in assembling our jewelry. We consider it a great honor to partner with them in their mission to “Enable People with Disabilities to Achieve their Full Potential.”

Our shopping website is still getting its “make-over”, but we are still open! Please stop by and view our many selections Psalm23Jewelry.com


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