As a gifted communicator Laura has the ability regardless of when she speaks to a large audience or works one on one with an individual, authenticity and honesty naturally flow powerfully through her.

-Fraser Venter, Lead Pastor, Cucamonga Christian Fellowship

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here.

Before you scroll down to view the topics I speak on there is something I want you to know, actually two things. First, I speak from my life experience. I’m not a Bible scholar, theologian, scientist, or professor. I am just a forty-something girl called by God to share her story. No credentials, no degrees, no doctorate—just me.

Second, my heart is to be vulnerable with my soul journey with the hope others will draw near to God. That’s my hope when I come to speak. So if I sound like a fit for you and your event, but all means stay and keep reading.

I’m looking forward to meeting you. Please email me at laura @ laura kramer . org and I’d be delighted to connect with you and hear your thoughts.

Oh, I almost forgot—some small details you might want to know. I’ve been speaking since 2003 and have experience in different venues such as: recovery groups, conference, women’s groups, women’s retreats, and Sunday morning congregation.


Speaking Topics

Psalm 23~Pathway to Destiny {60 minutes, retreat}

Psalm 23—it’s the pathway to destiny. One that bends and twists along the way, but never void of God’s powerful healing presence. It is a journey of wholeness in our hearts, our past, and our future. It is the means of encountering the fullness of God as He burns His holy identity into our hearts—both now and forever.


HeART Transformation {60 minutes, retreat}

Vulnerability, community, and healing are strong themes in this HeART Transformation talk. I share my personal story of how the death of my beloved father catapulted me into deeper pools of healing…and into LIFE. The story is an intimate one, sharing personal struggles as I work with paints on canvas to demonstrate the power of God’s sacred presence in our transformation process. Good for any venue.

Optional: {for retreat weekend or a one 3 hour session} In addition to the HeART Transformation talk, I facilitate art and writing prompts leading women into their own transformation process with God. Good for groups up to 50 women.


How I Became a Valley Guide {30-45 minutes}

For many years, and the first decade of my Christian faith, I lived in a dark valley for many years. Guilt, shame, anxiety, and depression ruled and reigned over my life. I believed a multitude of lies about myself and about God—and the lies were taking over and winning. One of the critical parts of my journey into freedom from the strongholds on my life was discovering and believing my true identity in Christ. Jesus met me in my valley and led me out and now calls me to be one of His Valley Guides—leading others to truth and leading them into the light of hope and freedom. This testimony is featured on the Message of Hope CD we include in every Psalm 23 Bracelet order, and one that was featured at the Desert Streams Conference in Anaheim, California 2003. Good for any venue, especially recovery groups.


Luminaria for Cancer Events {5-10 minutes}

My dad died of cancer in June 2012—only six weeks after his diagnosis, and the day after Fathers Day. I share my heart with the ones who live today without their loved one.


Click here for Writing the Mess, Healing the Heart writing workshops. These workshops are appropriate for private groups, church groups, prison groups, recovery groups, juvenile detention and rehab centers.

For speaking or ministry inquiries please contact me at: laura @ laura kramer . org


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