I graduated high school in 1990 squeaking out a 2.0 GPA. Not to impressive, I know. You probably don’t need to guess why I didn’t go to college. Well except for that amazing semester at a local junior college. It was five years after graduation and I actually wanted to be a student—and redeem myself. I couldn’t tell you what the GPA was for that lone comeback semester, but apparently it was pretty good because I received a letter in the mail stating I had made the Dean’s List. I was so proud of myself I tacked it to the family bulletin board. And I swear, I glowed each time I walked by.

That one semester was pretty cool for other reasons too. I realized I wasn’t stupid—kind of a big deal for me. And although I literally trembled in my seat the first day of Ms. McCormick’s class, she relit a tiny spark of my childhood dream to write. Still at that point of my journey I thought my only dream was to redeem myself from a terrible GPA. So after one semester and feeling pretty good about the Dean’s List I went back to the non-school life, non-dreaming life.

That was 1995 and whole lot transpired in me since then not to mention a whole lot of healing. I now fully embrace the dream God has deposited within me long ago. The writing journey began in November 2010 and I even though I wrestle and struggle with finding the words and honing my craft—I have no intention of stopping. Below are a few of my published pieces (because some people are interested in that kind of stuff). You would think being published would trump the Dean’s List thing. But really, when you are living your dream it’s not about the recognition or stuff you can add to your résumé—it’s about living in the dream. If I never see another one of my writings in print (on real paper with real ink) I will be ok. Because I am still writing—I am still living my dream. And as my dear friend and coach, Robin Stanley says,

It’s not about writing for money, or even to get published, it’s about writing for LIFE.

I still have that Dean List tucked away in some memory box, but I keep it to remind me there is more to life.

There.  Is.  Always.  More.  To.  Life.

Transformed, Winepress Publishing, Dec 2011, Mine is only one of the many authors who each share a story of how God reached into the lives of ordinary people to revitalize and redeem.

Daily Bulletin, From the Pulpit, Dec 2011

Miraculous Redemption, Sept 2011, The miraculous story of a marriage restored. Click on image to visit Mike & Lesley Glenn's website.

Daily Bulletin, From the Pulpit, July 2011
































Winepress Publishing, Dec 2010, Laura's is just one of over a hundred authors writing their personal story of God's love overflows in their lives.


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