What is Writing the Mess, Healing the Heart©?

Writing the Mess, Healing the Heart© (WMHH) is a workshop I created for women to process their journey in authentic and safe community. Writing prompts pulled from other sources as well as ones exclusive to WMHH, are given to prompt healing moments of the heart. The time spent is a beautiful experience as the heart bleeds pain and struggle on paper and Holy Spirit fills the inkwell of our souls with a new story of restoration.

*No writing experience needed. This is not about the academics of writing, it is about vulnerability through writing as a means of healing.

What to Expect:

WMHH workshops take place in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Registration is limited to 10 spots per group. Workshops are typically booked on Saturday mornings for 4 hour time slots. The time spent will be interactive and reflective. We will learn to open all our senses to our journey and respond in writing to the prompts and activations given. All are encouraged to share verbally their thoughts in a safe and grace-giving environment. We invite Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit to lead our time as He is the One who heals. This space and time are set aside to write the mess…and heal our hearts. It is a sacred space.

Powerful time of Holy Spirit taking me deeper into healing and experiencing intimacy with God.

-Christine, Participant of WMHH

Come Ready to…

Listen with your whole heart. Engage with others, your soul, and with God. Discuss your thoughts on the prompts and material provided. Write through the discomfort, fears and challenges of your journey. Reflect deeply during our time together. Grow as a whole person. Heal broken places and enjoy freedom. Receive thoughts from others…and most importantly from God.


-Lisa, Participant of WMHH

*Bring only you; ripe in the journey to respond and participate to the mornings events. Notebooks, and pens will be provided and for yours to keep.

Registration is $25 per person and required to secure reservation. (workshops are for women 18 years and up)


I am currently booking private groups only. Groups are for a minimum of 4 women with a maximum of 10. Please email me laura @ laura kramer . org schedule your own private group. 


If you are interested in hosting your own workshop, booking a private or church group please contact me at: laura @ laura kramer .org.

At this time, these workshops are for women only.

Writing the Mess, Healing the Heart© workshops is not a licensed counseling center and is not meant to take the place of professional therapy.

Please click here to reserve your spot.

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1 thought on “~Workshops”

  1. Writing the Mess, Healing the Heart opened an area of my heart that I did not know needed healing. All I knew was that there was pain and I could not figure out how to access it. The prompts that are given in this process connect your soul with your senses and lead your spirit to explore healing and freedom. God gave me divine revelation as I wrote, shared, cried, laughed, created and courageously pressed in to Him. I found freedom through this Spirit led process. I am so grateful. Thank you Laura!

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