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Push Pause is a tiny snippet posted every Tuesday. It is an invitation for you to push pause on the tasks at hand and intentionally take a moment to reflect on your soul journey.



Cooling Down

School may be back in session, but we are far from feeling the crisp air of Autumn blow on our faces. The summer heat reminds me the need to cool down, not just physically, but mentally as well.

Push Pause: So, what is it that heats you up, pushes your buttons or sets you on fire in a not so good way? Push pause (and maybe even the STOP button) and take a deep breath. Count to ten. Recite a verse or positive thought to cool you down. You need to. I need to. And the people in our lives need us to  c.o.o.l. do.w.n.

Welcome the breathes with open arms. You’ll find it to be refreshing. I know I have.

What is your favorite “go to” verse when moments get a little crazy? I look forward to reading them in the comments section.

Let’s meet again on Thursday to go deeper in the journey…together. ~L